Raymen 2014

Music driving you to shake sweat and swill, but then the lyrics, like the Ramones tongue-in-cheek but hereís the Raymenís tongue in Americaís bloated and forgotten cheek. Some intergalactic snoop on what American music is really about.


Hey, Iím stuck in the Midwest American darkness and I know the Raymenís music is tapping onto the collective genetic past of American music because itís been drilling Ĺ holes in my head for 25+.
Since 83 the Raymen have been spearing the essence of Bo Diddley, Hank Williams, Link Wray and Howlin Wolf in the guise of Punk-a-billy / Rock-a-billy Ė na-na in a way that taps directly into every boo-hoo rebel dream crying out in the night.
Total reverb-drenched echo-max land with a fist in the history of RíníR pulling out the heart of American music in every warped take, beating rhythm-off Catholic sex and using it to put nitro-overdrive and vision into our collective psyche. This isnít pretend scary Rock-a-Billy style crap all duded up. This is the rhythm and blast that made every over-powered, over-sexed run from confusion in the American juvenile delinquent hormonal nightscape that originally found voice in Punk and RockíníRoll.
Starting in 81 as the Garbage Groupies in their protoplasmic atomic diaperness Ray, Toulouse and Co. started to feel their vision and tested their way through Earths music.
In 83 the Raymen emerged, fully testifying the vision, bringing the world Americas forgotten musical essence. No slavish style bull, but the essence of what made C&W and Blues and Soul and Punk-a-roll the collective bleating heart of our souls.
Radio telescopes caught it and set it down and the vision started to subvert from within. I caught it and it has been the nitroglycerine to every twang-reverberated dream Iíve had since.
Whacked out as hell, because we never understood it before and didnít know the power that His Holiness Hank Ray understood (he being the inspiration, the core and voice).
But the beams still come through the ether, several albums and CDs later (and countless other subversions) straight and true.
And so the vision spreads, because you are holding one New Testament. Iím speechless and cleansed by this devils music.
Diabolic, because it is true.
Enjoy! The Raymen will be your server. And somewhere Bela Lugosi nods knowingly...
Jim Visser a.k.a. Ned Biscuit