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Dan was on a ten-city run somewhere in the west
Unaware the time had come that fate would cross his path
He’d had a lot of heartaches he’d seen a lot of fun
Thought that he knew everything but his best was yet to come


One day he’s heading down the road a-feeling hungry when
He saw that sign beside the road saying:”WELCOME…to Trucker’s Heaven”
He stopped his truck, climbed out of the rig walked right inside and saw
An angel dressed in blue jeans standing right behind the bar


So he ordered bacon and fried-eggs with coffee black as night
He raised his head from time to time for he couldn’t keep his eyes
Off of that girl and while he watched his heart walked o’er to her
The look she gave him made him fall in love with the truck stop girl


“The next time she walks past my place I’ll talk to her I swear”
These words he said repeatedly though he knew he wouldn’t dare
He didn’t know just how she waited and hoped that he would talk
But he didn’t say a word and paid then out of the door he walked


Snowflakes tumbling to the ground they seemed to whisper low
“You’ve missed the best chance of your life, poor boy that much you know”
But the engine-roar distracted him from the pain he felt inside
And for a moment everything seemed to be all right


While he’s heading down the highway straight into the night
She gazed into the darkness wiped a teardrop from her eyes
When a tall handsome stranger came on in a told
Of an accident that’d killed a driver yet unknown


Though she didn’t know the driver’s name she felt who’d lost his life
How unfulfilled desire stroke him blind that night
By the time he saw the hair-pin curve and got down on the brake
He knew at once his shining truck would be his cold cold grave


Her heart all full of sorrow dreams disappeared from sight
Oh, how she hopes and prays that he’ll return some other night
That’s why sometimes at night when the heavy snowflakes fall
There’s a restless soul in a ghostly truck on the lost highway of love
Ghost truck driver
Ghost truck driver
Ghost truck driver… drive away…drive away…drive away…………