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I gotta run From the world that’s kept me prisoner for much too long
Fly away
To the golden city where my heart belongs
I’ve got a thousand miles to burn
Battling’ boredom where’er I roam
A carburetor for a heart
Fuel injections in my soul
I’m the devil out for kicks
They call Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz


Burn, burn, burn!
Burn and feel the red-hot desert sands upon my skin
Turn, turn, turn!
Turnin’ roulette wheels come on and make me win
I hope that Lady Luck will stay
With me if only for this one day
I’m gonna feel just like the King
A zillion bright lights’ flickering
Vegas kill my boredom itch
Here I come Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz


A fly-rite daddy on a cannonball
Sets the town on fire
Adrenalin-fueled nightlife
Can’t help but running wild
Running wild
Running wild


There’s no escape
From the stone cold world that’s got a hold on me
I’m a wreck
Tempting bright light city look what you’ve done to me
I shiver at your wayward winds
The curse of flashing neon signs
The taste of whisky in my mouth
I stumble ‘round this world and smile
Next time you’re gonna make me rich
Here I come Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz
Nevada Blitz